Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Doherty denies ITV documentary

Pete Doherty is rubbishing suggestions that he's working on a tell-all show for ITV2. Not going to happen, he claims:

"Just for the record, this is, of course, complete bollockss."

We don't know why he's so outraged that anyone would consider the programme to be a possibility - after all, he's published his diaries, he's given tattling-interviews to tabloids: why would doing the same on TV be such an unimaginable step?


Anonymous said...

Except, you know, Pete spelled "Bollocks" properly.

Anonymous said...

man, he said that months ago. are the mail that derperate for stories on pete that theyre rooting through the archives of his various iternet forums?

here's one for ya - he's been living with la winehouse (on and off) for a few months now. whhooooopppss...

Anonymous said...

See, THAT would make for a great TV show. Like Tery and June, only with more crack.

Anonymous said...

terry and june did droogs??

Anonymous said...

Aye, they only *thought* the loungers collapsed.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Why do you think the season one titles depicted them wandering round Purley looking confused?

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