Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Counting condoms

With the main showbiz business again being handled by Emily Smith this morning - an unlikely sounding report that Kevin Federline wants to "save" Britney from hanging out with a photographer - Gordon is reduced to rummaging around in Billy Zane's shopping. Apparently, Zane - who is currently holidaying with Kelly Brook - was spotted buying a box of 24 condoms:

Twenty-four? That means even if they’re on a three-week trip there’ll be a couple of days when they have to miss archery at 4pm beside the cocktail bar to use up the whole pack.

Unless, Gordon, Zane can manage it more than once a night. It's a possibility.

Elsewhere, Gordon has the exciting news that Atomic Kitten are covering Cilla Black, which is every bit as exciting as it was back in July 2007 when the project was announced.


Anonymous said...

Re condoms: it's not like they're milk either, they don't expire that quickly.

And I still haven't forgiven Atomic Kitten for destroying a decent Blondie song.

Chris Brown said...

...for failing to revive the decent Pioneers song thrashed by Blondie, surely?

Actually, there is something to say about that story: if they decided to do it in July and they've only now got a release date, that doesn't suggest unbridled enthusiasm for it anywhere. You can't expect the Sun to notice, though.

Anonymous said...

I believe you mean "Paragons" and "trashed"...unless perchance, there's a thrash metal band called the Pioneers that I'm not familiar with.

And while I concede it could be argued (though only by Pioneers/Paragons fans) that Blondie's cover was inferior to the original, it's still no comparison to the Atomic Kitten cover. For the simple reason that--to be honest--no one sings like Debbie Harry.

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