Saturday, July 14, 2007

They could fill their cakehole again

If the Take That Reunion was like meeting long-lost friends, and the Spice Girls comeback bumping into people you remember from school, that would make the rumoured Atomic Kitten resurrection a bit like that sinking feeling when you run across someone who you used to work with. Who smelled of carpets.

They're plotting to do a Cilla Black cover - Anyone Who Had A Heart, sadly, and no "Oh no sir, nothing tastes nicer, than Cadbury's Dairy Milk" - but, if we as a nation show even a glimmer of something other than total indifference, they're threatening to do more.


Anonymous said...

Christ on a stick. Every day we hear music industry reps quacking on about how covermount CDs are 'devaluing' music. How about they wake up to the bigger menace, i.e. groups 'devaluing' the concept of the reunion by annoucing the big comeback just three months after they split?

Atomic Sodding Kitten?? I honestly didn't even know they'd ceased to be. I just thought the one with ideas above her station had booked some annual leave to make a disasterous solo record, the singles from which would then scrape a number 36 chart position before being retired and relocated to 'New Woman' compilations.

Remember when a pop-group splitting up actually meant something? Remember the furious-yet-inconsolable Take That fans being offered a suicide hotline? We'll never see those days again. When McFly announce that they're calling it a day, the fans won't be phoning the Samaritans. They'll be calling Ticketmaster to enquire about dates for the comeback tour.

Chris said...

Shame on you Mr Simon. "Anyone Who Had A Heart" as a "Cilla Black cover"? I see Dionne Warwick stomping around indignantly telling everybody that it's HER song still hasn't got through to everybody.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

You're right, Christoper. But 'Anyone Who Had A Heart sung in a chirpy Scouse accent' is a Cilla Black song.

Anonymous said...

I think the word "sung" should be used advisably there :).

The Dairy Milk ad referred to here, coincidentally enough, has just (since you made that post) appeared on YouTube, at the end of this file:

(the Sunday Times ad is quite, quite extraordinary)

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