Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gordon in the morning: A man of his word

Having pledged to 6Music listeners that Amy Winehouse would "get some space now" to fight her problems, Gordon's column this morning once again confirms it's the sort of space where her every move will be reported. This morning, Bizarre details how Winehouse is supposedly watching Monroe films:

The singer’s love of the tragic 1950s icon - who died of a sleeping pills overdose aged 36 - is the only thing making her smile in rehab.

Mitch Winehouse happily details what's happening to his daughter; however, the detail seems to contradict Smart and Dudman's interviews with the BBC justifying running the crack pictures last week as it made Amy agree to rehab:
“She’s compliant and follows everything they tell her ”

But Amy faces being SECTIONED if she leaves [....] Mitch was considering it before we filmed her binge.

So, was it really a case that she picked up The Sun and thought "uh-oh" - or did she enter rehab "willingly" because she was going to be marched there anyway?

Virginia Wheeler and Pete Samson - two writers - handle the big 'Amy watches film' story, while Gordon himself finally strings some words together on the already-mined-out Ashley Cole story, with someone who he may or may not have had sex with claiming that he told her he didn't need a condom because Chelsea had told him he was clean. Although she says she was drunk at the time, although not so drunk she was unable to decide to "take a gamble".

After all that, Gordon needs some relaxation, and it comes in the form of a tshirt for skin cancer awareness featuring a naked Victoria Beckham. Gordon is quite excited:
I think I might buy one for a closer inspection.

We don't want to put the image in your head, but we're picturing him using it like a page three calendar and a sports sock all in one.


Anonymous said...

Whether or not she is sectioned isn't exactly down to Mitch. The question only arises if doctors and a social worker agree that she is a risk to herself or others. While a family member nominally has to agree, they can be completely removed from the equation if they are considered not to be acting in the patient's best interests (e.g. by vetoing the section). If there is serious talk of a section, it could be that the family are trying to stave it off and keep themselves in the decision-making circle by getting her into hospital. Unfortunately, the Priory is quite poorly regarded by the psychatric profession from what I have heard.

Anonymous said...

So much for giving her space...does this man ever retain memory of anything he claims?

I also can't figure out Mitch Winehouse's eagerness to talk to these people...is it money or is he just that worried and desperate for anything resembling a sympathetic ear, or both...?

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