Thursday, January 10, 2008

There are some bad people on the right

David Cameron has loomed into view at the Salford Lad's Club, to remind people how much he likes Morrissey. It's unclear if we should read this as an endorsement of Mozzer's views on the need to protect a fictional English way of life.

Hazel Blears issued a bizarre statement:

Ms Blears, who is also communities secretary, said: "People in Salford remember when the Tories were in power... I'm surprised he wants to visit a shrine so reminiscent of the 1980s - the dog days of Thatcherism."

We're not quite sure what Blears means by this - is Salford a shrine to Thatcherism? Is the Salford Lads Club "reminiscent of the 1980s"?

Cameron then went on to Amir Khan's gym in Bolton:
Some people might argue that teaching boxing doesn't make young people less violent, and that boxing is dangerous. They're wrong on both counts."

Apart, you know, from the dangerous bit. People who support the idea of boxing as a sport point out the death rate amongst participants in boxing is far lower than that of hang-gliders, footballers and jockeys pursuing their sports, but it's possible to ne seriously injured without being killed. And, as most medical investigations into boxing reports back, being punched in the head a lot isn't entirely good for the brain.

Still, Cameron is keen for people to be more like Khan:
"Better in a boxing ring, than hanging around on the streets. Better looking up to Amir than some drug dealer on the street."

Given that Amir Khan was sentenced earlier in the week for driving at speeds police claimed were nudging 140 miles an hour, you might wonder if he's such a great role model.

In related news, Morrissey has announced his latest best-of tracklisting; the live album version includes National Front Disco - which looks a little defiant. We wounder if Callmedave is plotting a photo op down there, too?

[Thanks to Oliver K for the tip]