Saturday, February 02, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Little sympathy

What a charmer Gordon Smart is: this morning, running a story about Lily and Ed's break-up and, as if that wasn't tawdry enough, topping up the piece by detailing their recent loss, all over again. Perhaps we're better off if he sticks to stories like Naomi Campbell's nipple slip. (Although why would you bother running a grainy shot of an accidental nipple-poke by a supermodel? Don't about one-in-ten of her professional shots have a nipple in them?

Gordon's "closeness" (i.e. perpetual crawling) to the Spice Girls camp has resulted in what may-or-may not be the true story behind the axing of the world tour: Mel C doesn't want to do any more. We suspect this might demonstrate what part of the Spice Girls camp he's close to. If only Mel C had been so determined twelve months ago.