Monday, February 11, 2008

Malawi says thank you: It's either a child or the muffin basket...

We're a little slack-jawed at the statement attributed to Malawian information minister Patricia Kaliati:

"This country owes her so much. Very few famous people would take their time off to rally other celebrities to raise money for a poor country like Malawi, which very few people know about.

"It will be wrong for Malawi to even dare deny this wonderful woman all the rights to be a parent of David and many more Malawian children."

So the rule of law or worries about doing the right thing for the child - don't worry about that: Madonna did some charity work. Let's give her a kid! In fact, we've got loads of children - perhaps we should make up a parcel of children.

We'd be interested to know (a) how famous you have to be and (b) how much money you have to raise before that becomes more important than the normal rules and safeguards surrounding adoption.