Monday, February 11, 2008

T in the Park introduce muddled slew of ticket packages

Camping, no camping. One day, full festival. It shouldn't be difficult to sort out the tickets for a festival. But, in the misplaced desire to offer 'options', T in the Park has decided to introduce more packages than you can wave a potato-based tent peg at:

There will now be four ticket packages to choose from – weekend with camping ticket, combined Saturday and Sunday ticket, Saturday ticket and Sunday ticket.

The combined Saturday and Sunday ticket will let you in for both days but does not allow for camping.

When buying either the combined Saturday and Sunday ticket or the weekend with camping ticket you will be asked if you want to buy a Citylink bus ticket at the same time – which organisers believe is the most cost effective method of travel to the site.

We've managed to buy a bus ticket with camping for Friday and Sunday, but no entry to the festival. Can that be right?

Okay, it's not that confusing, but it's more complex than it needs to be, surely?