Friday, February 01, 2008

Mozzer abandons Camden

Having had his illness problems halfway through his Roundhouse run, it now turns out that Morrissey isn't going to bother to reschedule the cancelled three dates:

Concert promoters SJM released a statement saying: “The artiste and promoters tried strenuously to reschedule the three shows but it proved impossible. We would like to extend our apologies to all of Morrissey’s loyal fans over this unavoidable situation.”

Clearly, Morrissey's busy life of cutting out articles from the Daily Express and firing staff doesn't leave room for popping back over to London. Still, as SJM point out, his fans are loyal - and if you've stuck with him through the last few years, clearly being treated as disposable once again won't put them off.


Olive said...

Is the Jonathan Ross show recorded then? If so, how long ago? Morrissey looks pretty healthy on that...

Unknown said...

Jonathan Ross is recorded in advance, yeah.

He also played a couple of other gigs earlier this week, so it's not because he's not recovered. He just appears to like treating people like crap.

I might be more sympathetic if there was more of a reason given (ie there weren't three dates available in the venue's schedules that fitted in with his schedule, but it just seems like he can't be arsed.

And I've lost my booking fees on two tickets and the delivery from this whole farce.

CarsmileSteve said...

pure speculation, but this couldn't be for TAX reasons could it? maybe moz has spent too much tiem in the UK this (financial) year...

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