Friday, February 15, 2008

Not that the Spice Girls hate each other, mind

Let's not run away with the idea that the individual Spice Girls hate each other so much no prospect of any degree of cash could persuade them to share a stage. Oh, no.

Even so, Geri Halliwell's made it clear that they're unlikely to reunite ever again:

"This is the last time you will ever get to see this Girl Power, the five Spices on the stage as one," said Halliwell, who left the group in May 1998 but was a chief proponent of the current reunion.

But it's not that they're cutting thing short because they hate each other. Oh, no:
"Actually it's gone on longer than planned," Halliwell said, "because we thought we were only going to go to the end of January. After February everybody had commitments -- kids had to go back to school and that. So we had to leave places out that we would have loved to have gone to."

Ah, yes. The kids have to get back to school at that, erm, place where school starts in March. Yes. That'd be it.