Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oberst and Ward: Supporting Obama

Tonight in Obahama, Conor Oberst and M Ward are throwing their weight - okay, there's not much of that, even combined - and hearts behind the Barack Obama campaign at a rally-cum-fundraising-awareness event.

Oberst, as Paste helpfully reminds us, offered his support to John Kerry last time round, so that's probably good news for Hillary, then.

"Yes... yes, we can" smiled Barack, squeezing Conor's thigh. Oberst rolled over onto his back, idly scratching the politician's ear.

"But, Barack, I don't know what any of your policies are... I know you want change, but... how are you going to effect..."

"Hush now" said Obama, putting a finger on Conor's lips. "Let me show you why my campaign is built around a poster with a giant O on it..."