Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ono sues Lennon

Wandering the streets of Liverpool - especially in the 1980s - you'd often hear mothers screeching "Lennon!" as they called their kids in for their tea. Oddly, McCartney never took off in the same way as a first name.

The Beatley-inspired naming, though, is now causing problems: Yoko Ono is trying to stop Lennon Murphy for singing under her own name.

Apparently it was stopping Yoko imagining all the world living in large houses peace or something.

Lennon Murphy had asked Yoko if it was alright for her to appear under the Lennon name - which was something of courtesy, as it's got nothing to do with Ono - but Yoko flipped when she found out that Murphy had registered her name as a trademark. Apparently Ono considers this a "tarnishment" - whereas, of course, a mean-spirited, money-grabbing legal campaign against a person using their own name throws nothing but glorious light on John Lennon PLC and its CEO.