Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chad Kroeger: A little bit hissy

Splendid bloggage fun on the Guardian this morning, with Ian Winwood detailing Chad Kroeger's inability to calm down, at all, ever:

In 2003 Kroeger challenged me to a fight - by name, and from the stage at every show Nickelback performed on their UK arena tour. He wanted us to duel, for charity, in a boxing ring. Make no mistake, he harboured - and possibly still harbours - enough anger toward me that was he to see me, he'd end me. Noticeably short on breath, I accepted Chad's challenge.

The nicest detail of the story is that Kroeger attempted to wrap his pre-evolutionary violent response in with a donation to charity, as if a cheque to some good cause made his macho petulance somehow honourable.


Eric2 said...

"Chad Kroeger: what a cunt"."Chad Kroeger: what a cunt"."Chad Kroeger: what a cunt"."Chad Kroeger: what a cunt"."Chad Kroeger: what a cunt"."Chad Kroeger: what a cunt"."Chad Kroeger: what a cunt"."Chad Kroeger: what a cunt".

Olive said...

I was actually going to say something horrid about Kroeger's beard, but I think that about covers it.

Anonymous said...

Olive: *appreciative groan*

From Something Awful:

"This website is usually above printing lowbrow potty-humor, but I must admit that his straining voice makes it difficult to avoid imagining that he does his best studio vocal work while on the toilet working out a particularly complicated intestinal blockage."

Presumably, Dr. David Thorpe is next up on Kroeger's beatdown-during-recess list.

Olive said...

You'd think he'd simply be grateful that there was a market for his lumpen, groaning mullet fodder wouldn't you? But no, he obviously sees himself as a great Speaker of Eternal Truths, being eaten alive by poltroons. Chad, if you're reading this (or at least having this read to you by some lackey, who's using glove puppets to demonstrate some of the more difficult concepts), know this: I heartily endorse Mr Littlewood's assertion. And so does your mum.

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