Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dress like Avril. Or maybe undress.

We're presuming that the Avril Lavigne fashion range is going to draw inspiration from the clothes she wears when she's pretending to be a teenage girl on stage, rather than the stuff she wears when she's trying to interest a more mature ("masturbating") audience - so it's going to be stripey tights rather than Hooters t-shirts.

Let's hope so anyway, as she's pitching it as a "back to school" range:

The 2008 back-to-school collection is created from Lavigne’s own closet and will feature two key fashion collections at launch. The first features a combination of feminine sophistication and rock-and-roll attitude, which includes bold colors and mix-and-match iconic prints; and the second features a fusion of ska, reggae and skater with a balance of traditional tartan plaids, checks and stripes.

Stripey tights then, like if Rico borrowed clothes from Bob Marley, apparently.