Saturday, March 15, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: Curve

With news of the re-emergence of Tony Halliday, what slimmer excuse could we need for a weekend of Curve videoage?

First up, here's Clipped, which looks a little as if it might have been extracted from one of those 'collect and send in' coupon deals that the music press used to have. Imagine trying to tell kids today if they collect a coupon a week for the next month, and then send off a letter, eventually they'll get a tape or something back through the post.

Further shoegoth video fun throughout the weekend
Coast Is Clear - live on Fridays at The Dome
Leftfield: Original - featuring Toni's vocals
Acid Android - Faults - more guest appearances from Toni

Pubic Fruit - the first three EPs on one CD
The Way Of Curve - comprehensive two disc career collection

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