Saturday, March 15, 2008

Curve weekend: Coast Is Clear - Live

Continuing our rewind through Curve's career, here's a performance of Coast Is Clear from Channel 4's short-lived, ill-conceived Friday At The Dome in 1991:

Part of Curve weekend]


James said...

Was 'Friday at the Dome' presented by Craig Ferguson? I was amazed to find out a few months ago that, although I always assumed he'd faded into obscurity after some late-night Channel 4 work (and probably a stint on Radio 5), he's actually become a big US talk-show host alongside the likes of Letterman.

Next week, I expect to find out Hufty is Bollywood's top earner.

simon h b said...

Craig Ferguson - who I think played some sort of 'comedy characters' during the first series at least - and Dave Fanning, who had been something of a success on Irish TV and failed to repeat the success.

Olive said...

Fantastic! My favourite Curve song.

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