Saturday, March 15, 2008

Curve weekend: Superblaster

The full video - complete with countdown clock and everything:

[Part of Curve weekend]


Paul Raven said...

Ah, man, I still love Curve. Toni has one of the most superb and distinctive voices in music, and many Curve tracks still sound current even now. Thanks for running these videos, man - I think I'll dig out that Best Of ... :)

Rachel Summers said...

Ditto what Paul said. Thanks for posting, I missed this one *adds to Curve playlist*

Olive said...

Wow. I didn't realise that superblaster was released as a single, much less ever seen the video.

Anonymous said...

i want to rub this song on my pussy

Anonymous said...

This song changed my life! I feel so free when I listen to it! Hahah! Light on my feet!! Oh! Haha this is great I love you guys see ya later.

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