Monday, March 03, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Running on empty

It's a day of nothing stretched very, very thin for Gordon this morning - Emily Smith files news from the US of Britney dumping that paparazzi bloke she was supposedly seeing, although we didn't know that they were back "together", to be honest and, since she's clearly not accountable for her actions at the moment, it's hardly surprising, is it?

The Sun tries its hand at a little Sylvie Krin action:

IT was a heart-warming love story for our time.
Adnan fell for pop princess Britney the moment he set eyes on her through his long lens - then charmed his way into her life.
But The Sun says she is better off without him. Adnan was one low-life frog who was never going to turn into a prince.

Of course, if you click on the link it brings up an empty page - we suspect they're busily arguing if a Mills and Boon romance would end with the person who sent the evil character to spy on the heroine advising her to drop the evil one. Or perhaps they just couldn't be arsed.

Still, the claim that Britney threw Adnan's phone into a pool does generate the wonderful picture caption:
Wet: iPhone

Jordan is, apparently, changing the money she's got for showing her tits to people into a private jet, which sets Gordon punning:
It has already been dubbed bmi Booby — after the British airline bmi Baby.

Clearly, the only person who has ever called it that is Smart himself, but even he knows that's a clunker so he's trying to suggest it's something he's overheard.

He also tries a gag based on the phrase "landing strip", what with Jordan being a stripper, more or less:
GLAMOUR girl JORDAN is heading for a landing strip — in her own private JET.

No, we're fairly sure that is supposed to be a pun. We'd have gone with something about how she might have been a glamour model, but she's now heading for the runway or something like that.

And, trying desperately to find a new angle to keep the Cheryl Cole story alive, Gordon decides that the song she's recording with Will.I.Am is probably some sort of message for Ashley:
CHERYL COLE has found the perfect way to get her message across to numbnuts husband Ashley — with a four-letter rant in a new song.

Part of her vocals go: “You’ve been a f****** jerk!”

That doesn't seem to be a rant. Or, erm, four letters.

Meanwhile, Gordon has uncovered a new rich stream of humour:
And if you thought she was angry when she chinned that nightclub toilet attendant a few years ago, this lyric lashes out with even more venom.

Ha, ha, ha. A violent assault on a poorly paid woman. Let's all have a laugh at the rich woman beating the shit out of a toilet attendant, shall we, Gordon? Hilarious.


Anthony said...


Olive said...

But... but... I thought it was a bad thing when pop stars said rude words...

Anonymous said...

Gosh, she is a rare talent, isn't she? Not only writing her own song lyrics, but writing the song, persuading Will.I.Am. to record it as a duet, then recording it, producing it and having review copies shipped out to the tabloids - all in the last couple of weeks since the cheating stories came out.

And finding time to be snapped on holiday in the Caribbean looking bony / gorgeous / miserable / happy /wasting away / totally over it (delete as applicable) at the same time!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a backing vocalabit like Destiny Child for Matthew Marsden.

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