Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ringo: There's more to me than The Beatles

Former Beatle Ringo Starr, who was in The Beatles, has used an interview with people interested in his time in The Beatles to complain that people only want to talk to him about one thing. The ex-Beatle raged:

"Some days I'm just fed up with The Beatles," Starr explained. "I think that when when I die, the message on my tombstone will be 'Ex-Beatle'. Like I've done nothing else."

It's a fair point, isn't it? Nobody ever mentions Back Off Boogaloo when they talk about him, do they? Or... um... all the other things he's done. Which is plenty. Loads and loads of stuff. Like Wings...

Oh, no. That was Paul, wasn't it?

But he did all that meditation stuff and the concert for Bang...

Oh, hang on. George, that, wasn't it?

Let's remember Imagine and...

Oh, yes. John.

What did Ringo do that wasn't the Beatles? What is his contribution to popular culture that is going to outweigh that?

Aha! He must want his gravestone to read 'Here lies Ringo Starr: Voice of Thomas The Tank Engine until he got bored and Michael Angelis took over'.