Monday, March 03, 2008

Simon Cowell attempts to make 'not winning a Brit' a good thing

Leona Lewis' failure to win anything at the Brit awards was a good thing, Simon Cowell has decided:

"I was glad Leona didn't win at the Brits. It was the best thing that could have happened.

"She's had a lot of things going her way so it shows her that things can be unfair at times. She had the biggest selling [UK] single of last year so it's a mockery that she never won a Brit. This knockback will make her stronger."

Why would it be a "mockery" that she didn't win a Brit just because she outsold other singles? The prize is judged on quality rather than quantity, supposedly. And if it's such a "mockery" then how can it be a good thing?

This reminds me somewhat of the old Spitting Image Call My Bluff spoof which featured party leaders trying to redefine 'Second place in a by-election' to mean some sort of victory.


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