Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well done, the British education system

Holy Moly reproduces an exchange from London Lite:

LONDON LITE: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?
SUZANNE SHAW: I'm going to be honest with you, I've never heard either of these names before.

You might have hoped that at least 'Clinton' might have rung a very, very faint bell somewhere in her mind.

It's not even the all-you-can-eat ignorance buffet of not recognising two of the most-talked about names of the year; it's the lack of the ability to be able to formulate a quick face-saving response along the lines of "really, is there any difference?" or "faced with that sort of choice, I'd rather eat my own shoes".


Anonymous said...

I'd just love to know what Suzanne Shaw's been doing this last twelve months that's kept her away from every form of news outlet. From what I can tell, her schedule over the last year has consisted of a couple of trips a week to the local ice-rink, staring at her phone and picking up 'Mum of the Year'. To have avoided hearing of Clinton or Obama, she must've put in the sort of effort not seen since that episode of the Likely Lads when they didn't want to hear the football score.

Anonymous said...

12 months? More like 16 years (as that was when Bill took office)...

ian said...

I've heard of heard of Clinton and Obama, but who is Suzanne Shaw?

Olive said...

She won the Eurovision song contest in 1967 with 'Puppet On A String', silly!

Anonymous said...

Shome mishtake Shawly?

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