Sunday, April 13, 2008

Matchbox 20's confused buffalo stance

Well done to Matchbox 20, for cancelling a gig at a rodeo because of the animal welfare issues:

"We ask that (fans) please understand that it would be impossible for us to put ourselves in the position of making money from what we believe to be the mistreatment of animals."

Well done, Rob Thomas. Although what we don't quite understand is when, exactly, you twigged that a gig at Cheyenne Frontier Days ("the World's biggest rodeo") would involve making money off hurting animals. Still, well done for doing the right thing eventually.

Oddly, Matchbox 20 are still down to play the North Dakota State Fair this year. (We're not sure how North Dakota gets to have a state fair, as it's only half a state, but we can't pretend to understand these things.)