Saturday, May 10, 2008

Apparently, Jim Callaghan is cooler than My Bloody Valentine

Dave Mustaine is tetchy about what you call him:

On whether it's inappropriate to picture him as a "curator" of heavy metal:

"Not a curator, bud. That sounds like a smoking jacket and a pipe — don't make me have to kill you. How about 'elder statesman' or something like that? That's cool."

Given that My Bloody Valentine are curating All Tomorrow's Parties, and most elder statesmen are people whose political careers have ended in one form of failure or another, that seems a strange ordering of priorities. But then, this is a man who is still ploughing on with Megadeth. In 2008. Which isn't so very far from adopting the title Lord Mustaine Of Weston and pottering about on in the background during BBC Parliament's coverage of the Upper Chamber.

Of course, the Lords is where politicians go to die, and that's something else that is on Mustaine's mind:
"I've certainly embraced my mortality as of lately. Growing up, I never thought I would live this long. Now, I'm at that age where I'm thinking, 'If I live to be 92 — I'm 46 right now — I'm at the halfway point in my life.' I'm not going to be 92. ... (My) insides are already 92."

His intestines are twice as old as his upper dermis? Does he get older as you work your way outward? If you cut him in half, would there be rings to count, like with a tree?