Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Doherty doesn't like the BNP

Pete Doherty missed both the Love Music Hate Racism gig last week, and his chance to vote and make a difference in the local elections, so he's trying to catch up a little by calling down the BNP:

Speaking following his release from prison this morning, Doherty said “there will be no passage of evil through these isles without a proper, good struggle.”

“This island has always been a melting pot and personally I am 100% mongrel in the great dog stew of history - Bona fide scouse, London Irish, jew Geordie BiloRussian.”

Well, yes. Your melting-pot credentials are unimpeachable, Pete. Of course, one of the BNP's successful campaign themes was to exploit popular revulsion against drugs, and your behaviour provided them with a lot of ammunition. Rather than banging on about how you've got a great-great grandfather from overseas, you might do more good if you stop playing into the BNP's hands.

Oh, and if you really want to stop evil's passage through these islands, not contributing to the drugs market might be a good to place to start.