Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gordon in the morning: In her hair

Yesterday's big splash on the Bizarre column was, of course, the claim about Blake and a woman plotting to take Amy Winehouse for an expensive divorce ride. So, naturally, Gordon returns to the Winehouse story this morning, with this follow-up: Amy Winehouse wraps hair in towel.

Admittedly, he does mumble some reference to yesterday's story:

The Sun yesterday revealed her love-cheat hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL, 25, plans to run off with her dosh.

Although - and let's be generous and pretend that we can believe everything we read in the Sun - since Gordon has been claiming that Amy has taken a string of lovers while Blake has been inside, is it entirely fair to call Blake the "love-cheat hubby"? It's like Smart has forgotten his own storyline.

What's also notable is, while most of yesterday's stories from Bizarre are still on the front page, there's no link to the Blake Divorce plot story.

What else from Gordon? Well, Kylie Minogue will be delighted that he still makes snorting noises where he looks at her photo:
Sexy star is still Kylie attractive

Kylie wore a dress which Gordon seems to think had a spider on it (not unless spiders have over a dozen legs, it doesn't) and tries to think up some spider puns based on this misidentification:
THERE were no flies on KYLIE MINOGUE when she began her world tour last night
The purple gown will help weave her spell in countries including Germany, Russia, Finland and the UK.

You really have to hope he didn't know it wasn't a spider dress but decided the puns were so good it was worth saying it was.