Monday, May 26, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Squeezing Peaches

It might be a holiday both sides of the Atlantic, but Gordon is still busily hammering away. You can tell it's him and not just someone doing a "William Hickey" because the clunking attempt at putting himself centre-stage for Kylie's birthday seems pretty authentic:

What do I have to do - for invite?

I dunno, Gordon. Perhaps stop spewing out half-arsed "stories", running soft porn in lieu of material and bitching about people you don't find attractive might be a start.

Elsewhere, Gordon suggests that Peaches Geldof is still behaving badly:
I’m afraid I have more news that will fill the former BOOMTOWN RAT with dread.

Because Peaches has been hanging around with the one man every parent would most want to keep his child away from — junkie PETE DOHERTY.

Surely - while Pete might be a bad role model - Bob would much rather keep her away from the drug dealer, wouldn't he?

Gordon makes up a quote - sorry, quotes an unnamed source:
“The pair were laughing and joking together for hours and getting on really well. They even went into a bedroom together for a while to be on their own.

“I’m not sure what they were doing in there, but whatever it was I’m sure her dad wouldn’t approve.”

So, this unnamed person doesn't know what they were doing, but assures us it would be bad. Why not go the whole hog and list some things they might have been up to?