Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gordon in the morning: You read it here, eventually

As if it wasn't bad enough that Gordon is passing off something he read in Q as 'news', the nugget he's mined from the magazine is the revelation that, erm, Paul Weller doesn't like David Cameron claiming to be a fan, a story that John Harris reported in the Guardian back in March.

Still, Gordon does get a new story, all of his own, with the revelation that Ricky Wilson thinks the Kaiser Chiefs are better than Oasis. Which, of course, is like a food manufacturer setting their standards as being "a bit more tasty than something from the No Frills range." Still, Wilson at least shows his working:

“Oasis have disappeared up their own arse. They think they are LED ZEPPELIN. They’re not.

“Music has moved on and I think we are the band that most music fans would see as their successor.”

Well, that's certainly true - a band who had a couple of decent singles and then ran out of ideas but stayed around hoping that bombast alone would compensate for lack of invention.