Saturday, May 31, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: Pageturning

Here's a surprise: Noel Gallagher got a book for his birthday. Admittedly, only that Bond thing written by Sebastian Faulks, but it's still a surprise.

The 3AM Girls decide to try and push this revelation further:

"Noel's a big 007 fan," says our, er, spy.

...but don't quite pull it off.

Meanwhile, piling in on that story that Peaches Geldof is making some sort of 'lets ban plastic bags' programme, the 3AMies also 'reveal' that she's producing a bag all of her own:
"We need to be aware of the effects of our actions. I wanted to produce a bag that would go with this summer's looks."

Peaches Geldof promoting "awareness" that what we do has consequences, eh? Whoever would have thought.

Of course, she misses the point somewhat - that fashion and the concept of having to match a bag to a passing fad in trousers or blouses does more harm to the planet than carrier bags (when reused rather than discarded), but at least she's trying, eh?