Thursday, June 26, 2008

Glastonbury blog round-up: Jews and lesbians

Mark from the Wichita Recordings blog is travelling down with a "random posse" and hoping that the site makes its magic happen:

My first Glastonbury was in ‘85 and I’ve been to the vast vast majority ever since (skipped the first couple of years after they let the police on site) and even now whatever cynicism I feel in looking at the line ups quickly dosappears when you get on site.

And if magic doesn't work for you, there's always faith. More faith than ever before, explains TotallyJewish:
A Jewish tent will host a Friday night get-together as part of an “informal but Shomer Shabbat programme”, while there will also be activities on Sunday. Those performing inside the tent – which will be located next to the Hari Krishna tent and near the Glade stage - will include the anarchic GhettoPlotz collective, Clive Selwyn and comedian Katie Burnett.

And if you're not interested in magic, and not bothered by faith, there's always sex. Dirty Converse is covering the festival from the lesbian's point-of-view:
Question: What do you get if you put a woman with a chainsaw in the Field of Avalon? Shapely tree stumps and a lot of men. And fucking hundreds of lesbians!

“Charlie Dimmock’s got nothing on her,” was one of the more polite comments I overheard while watching my first display of chainsaw tree sculpting. Picture a well built woman in jeans brandishing a fucking huge motorised saw, carving up tree stumps like they are pieces of cheese.

Bolsoversion isn't going. And was happy with the choice. Until they realised what they'd done:
Alas, the nation’s media decided my resolve would be short lived. Every outlet was insistent on making me feel like a big Glastonbury loser. Radio One bombarded me with Glasto propaganda, The Guardian told me how amazing the festival would be, The Independent sang the praises of the Kings of Leon and Jimmy Cliff and BBC News showed endless clips of happy campers.

On the up side, I will be sleeping the next four nights in a warm bed, not a hard tent floor, but this doesn’t reduce my jealousy.

All I am now hoping for is a little bit of rain. Not too much (I don’t want to wish the misery of Sunday 2007 on my friends and family) but maybe just a bit.

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