Thursday, June 26, 2008

Glastonbury 2008: The uberpost

As inevitable now as the pictures of mud-covered teenagers, this is our annual post which gathers together the weekend posts marking Glastonbury.

You can read all the posts by checking the glastonbury 2008 tag.

Tuesday 24th
3,000 openings: charities pay price of Glasto overstock

Wednesday 25th
Guardian download freebie album

Thursday 26th
Glastonbury aflame
Franz Ferdinand: Surprise! Oh, not any more
Online: Webcams, weather and wellies
Blogs: Jews, lesbians and not going

Friday 27th
Paper round: Dolly's breasts, local heroes and missing 100,000
Online: PR jostles for coverage
Blogs: Memories of Eminem and promise of Tweets
Boris and Billy: together at last
No show Doherty
Blog round-up: Staying, and staying together
On TV: Does Zane Lowe have a plan B? Or a plan A-and-a-half?
Web round-up: For the love of pies

Saturday 28th
Paper round: Martha's wellies, and 2009's headliner revealed
Web round-up: Eavis fibs, Shaky disappoints
Flickr dip: Cook and crime
Blogs: A present for Beth Ditto
On TV: Crowded House, Neon Neon, Duffy
On TV: Amy staggers and Will Young appears
Blog round-up: The hitherto-unseen fire risk

Sunday 29th
Flickr dip: Duffy, positions for watching and complaints
Paper round: Winehouse lashes out, get lashed
Winehouse video
Web round-up: Jay-Z fights himself

Monday 30th
Morning-after round-up: Jay-Z and James Blunt

This year's festival video

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