Friday, June 27, 2008

Glastonbury blog round-up: A broad umbrella

At the moment, it's one-nil to the stay-at-homes. Our Man In Newcastle relishes being in Newcastle:

There was a moment earlier today that I kicked myself for not attending Glastonbury.

A quick look at the webcam and it looked, well, dry. And there are few better places in the world than a dry Glastonbury.

But then I just checked again and this is what the place looks like now and all of a sudden I’m glad I’ll be tuning into to it on the sofa later.

Yes, it's pouring. Just like Carol Kirkwood claimed it wouldn't.

Mind you, someone sees this as an opportunity, claims the Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe:
In a bid to break the drought, the South Australian Government has made a bid to buy the Glastonbury Festival and move it to Adelaide.

The Premier, Mike Rann said that rain was so predictable at the festival that it could help to turn things around in South Australia, facing another summer of drought.

They could just try hiring Michael Eavis to tell them it's raining.

Tamsin is also glad to be home:
I just waved off 3 little sisters and a de-facto brother-in-law heading for Glasto. Again. They are braver than me. I am weak. If it had been a sunny day I might have managed to get my head together. But as it is, rain and clouds and mud on the agenda, and a night of dreaming about WHAT IF, I've decided to listen to my inner voice screaming "For fuck sake NO!" and cut my losses with Glasto 2008. Hey ho. All that planning and being excited for nought. Nice one cosmic joker!

The Beat Happening is coming at you from the press tent, via the magic of wifi:
I have to admit, since I got here it’s all pretty much gone by the book; I’ve covered about twenty miles on foot, bought a gallon of industrial strength cider from a local farm, spent half my festival budget on one burger, lost my phone, and been rained on far too much for my optimum moisture levels.

And let's put the cynicism to one side for a moment. Glastonbury can be magic:
life of a so-called shutterbug reminds us how:">Six years ago, I was at Glastonbury festival with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. What an amazing place. It's still one of my favourite places in all the world to be. The only place I've felt completly free and had no worries at all. The Friday evening hit, and my friend's boyfriend had a call saying that some of his friends had managed to get free tickets and were on their way down, and we'd meet them in a field under the big paper star, after Coldplay's set. So we walked to meet them. And there, under a star, I met Gary for the first time - now I say the first time. I'd met him once before but hadn't spoken to him properly. - We spent the next day and a half together. The rest, as they say, is history ;)

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