Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glastonbury paper round: Winehouse fray breakdown

It's not unusual for journalists to spice up their copy with a few fact-skirting extra details, but reading Rav Singh's coverage of Amy Winehouse's fan spat, you wonder if he realised the event he was embroidering was on national television live. And, erm, on video on his own paper's website linked from the paragraph where he upgraded a half-hearted annoyed slapping to this:

The singer first used an elbow then threw a flurry of punches after leaving the Pyramid stage to saunter along the front row as she sang Rehab.

The 100,000-strong crowd had lapped up hits...

Although, of course, not that sort of hits.

The Sunday Mirror at least admits that - as with the set - while there may have been intent, there wasn't much contact:
Amy Winehouse made a chaotic appearance at Glastonbury last night - spitting chewing gum at the crowd, rambling incoherently and attempting to punch one fan.

The People sounds a little confused:
Amy Winehouse is refusing to leave hospital until a court decides the fate of her hubby.

She feels soothed and secure in the £2,000-a-night London Clinic and plans to stay put until BLAKE FIELDERCIVIL is sentenced in 12 days' time.

Okay, they might have gambled on her not doing Glastonbury, but she'd been in Hyde Park on Friday - how do they explain that?
She was well enough to appear at Glastonbury last night and the Nelson Mandela 90th birthday concert on Friday.

But she is now back in the Harley Street hospital. Mum Janis, 53, said: "She likes it there and feels secure. She doesn't have any worries while she's in there. "Going into hospital has allowed her to be properly rested and cared for."

So she's unable to face the world, except for when she's stood in front of 100,000 people staring at her.

The People hasn't got any mention of fan-scrap incident, which is understandable, in as much as it's not really a functioning newspaper any more.

For the Telegraph it was a "scuffle"; the Sunday Times hedges with "appears to punch a fan" (oddly linking to a YouTube video rather than the more official-looking video their sister News of the World has.

The Sunday Telegraph has sent Stanley Johnson to Pilton - or "London Mayor Boris Johnson's father, Stanley Johnson" as the headline snappily titles him. So, what does London Mayor Boris Johnson's father, Stanley Johnson, make of it all?
In the early hours, when gentlemen of England still lay abed, I watch convoys of fork-lift trucks shunting piled-high boxes of baps to different dispersal points around the valley.

It's a little known fact that Glastonbury is all about the bread products, but an army marches on its stomach and London Mayor Boris Johnson's father, Stanley Johnson is determined to push an analogy that this is like, you know, war, but with Jay-Z.

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