Friday, June 27, 2008

Glastonbury blog round-up: Heading down

This year, it seems, is to be the year when on-site unofficial coverage of Glastonbury is going to become familiar - for the last couple of festivals, there have been a couple of blogs attempting to report from the mud, but this year it's looking like that there's going to be a constant stream of coverage.

DJSemtex blogged before leaving:

Im on my way to Glastonbury, for some reason I’m not looking forward to it.

It could be the mud, it could be the fact that I wont be doing my radio show tonight, it could be the fact that its gonna take 8 hours to get there.

He's also planning to Twitter, although according to that he's been watching the Hulk for a week.
Fat Butcher's off there, too, although sounding a bit more positive, although less keen to do everything live:
Wellies, water, wipes… check. Train leaves at lunchtime and I’m weighed down with mixers and cables and fifty pence taped to my hand in case I get lost and need to ring my parents.

My first major festival sets of the year, working with Bassline Circus and Pointless Productions, will be updating with photos on my return.

Those who are staying at home seem content with their choice. The Crazy is Catching reckons it'd have been better for a year off; Tizyertiz reckons it should be "put out to pasture" altogether, and isn't sure about Jay-Z - and is able to call on experience of the last Glasto/hip-hop pyramid experiment to support their working:
Personally, I quite like hip-hop (although I'd have to say that I think most modern day hip-hop artists, such as Mr.Z, are pretty awful) but Glastonbury is not the place for it. I once stood in a field and saw Eminem and a number of other hip-hoppers do their thing but , for me, it just didn't work (especially when the majority of the crowd thought it would be fun to lob bottles filled with 'The Lord-Knows-What' at all and sundry).

That - liquid on stage - can ruin an act, as KANYE WEST YELLED AT US JUST THE OTHER DAY.

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