Monday, July 21, 2008

Fielder-Civil goes deeper inside

Good news, then, for Gordon Smart, who is assured a string of stories smuggled out of jail in the coming weeks as Blake Fielder-Civil starts a 27-month sentence for a violent assault on a pub landlord and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

In a bid to try and keep himself out of chokey, his defence unsuccessfully attempted a bit of clumsy 'Amy Winehouse MIGHT DIE' if you send him down pleading:

Jeremy Dein QC, for Fielder-Civil, said his client had been thrown in to a "nightmare scenario" after the attack.

"[It's] not just for him but for his wife and his family," he said.

Mr Dein said the attack was the result of a "drugs-ridden lack of judgment rather than callousness".

"For almost half his life he has been in the clutches of drugs," he said.

He said Fielder-Civil had a history of self-harm and suicide attempts but was determined to rebuild his life with his wife.

He said: "It's their ambition to divorce themselves from hard drugs, not to separate themselves from each other.

"He knows that if he fails, an appointment with calamity awaits, not just for him but for his wife as well."

'If you don't do something, there's a chance Amy Winehouse might continue to take drugs' is hardly a very plausible argument, is it? It's like saying "if you don't put your recycling out on the right night, the sun will one day go supernova and destroy all life in our galaxy". It might be true, but it's just not connected.