Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Fawning over Chris Martin

Well, now, there's a surprise: yesterday, Gordon was running a pointless gush over Gwyneth Paltrow not wearing make-up. And what's Gordon up to today?

COLDPLAY kicked off their world tour in spectacular fashion — after ditching the electronic wizardry they just spent six months creating.
I was the only Brit journalist at the Stateside gig on Monday night and have to applaud them for their bold move.

Yes - yes, he did just say Stateside; what he meant, of course, is "the good old US-of-A".

So, Gordon approves of the more low-key stage show (the electronic gubbins only turns up at the end of the set), does he?

Indeed he does:
This is an era when arena acts such as KANYE WEST — who was in the audience — spend bags of cash on digital displays to wow fans and outdo rivals.

But scrapping the gadgetry in favour of a more intimate feel was a brilliant move.

I think the expression is “less is more”.

It made the arena feel a quarter of the size but the crowd enjoyed it four times as much.

So: well done Chris Martin for not over-relying on glitzy expensive gadgets, eh, Gordon?

There was just one negative point.

The giant globes Chris had been talking up for months were less spectacular than I had expected.

He claims to have splashed out nearly £1million on the massive spheres which hang from the ceiling.

I’d ask for my money back, Chris. They seemed little more than six over-sized lava lamps to me.

So, it's a "brilliant move" to not rely on gadgets because it made everything more enjoyable, but the gadgets weren't impressive enough? We're not big fans of Coldplay - hey, we hide it - but it seems a little unfair to simultaneously praise and complain about the low key stage show.