Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doherty turns up in Liverpool again

Waving his Scouse credentials, Pete Doherty turns up in Liverpool for the second time in a week. There's a lovely review of the night on Liverpool Confidential, which sums up the 'but why?'-ness of it all:

This is not the first time the Babyshambles frontman has left his band mates behind. Yet as the set list unfolds, you begin to wonder why he does it. Apart from the odd quirk, Doherty stuck with crowd-pleasing Libertines classics - Time For Heroes, Music When The Lights Go Out- and Babyshambles favourites like Killamangiro and Fuck Forever, which, to be honest, sound a lot better with a full band belting them out.

The organisers of the club night which brought him up are keen for Doherty to hang around a lot more:
"He loves it in Liverpool and we are trying to get him a regular DJ set somewhere here as he wants to come back soon and more often," organiser Jayne Miller told [Liverpool Echo] Insider.

"The night went very well indeed and Pete loved performing in Liverpool so was very excited to be here. I know people had doubts but he made it and the crowd loved him.

"He is a pure gentleman, very charismatic, polite and friendly."

What Miller forgot to mention, of course, is that the crowd had each paid twenty-two quid to watch - no wonder they want to get him up as often as they can.

We're sure it's only coincidence that that think-tank created by Michael Gove yesterday issued its report suggesting people who live in Liverpool would be better off moving down south.

[Thanks to James M for the story]