Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gordon in the morning: The ceaseless Gallaghers

Gordon, of course, views it as a treat; saner minds see it as a threat: Oasis. Live. Forever. Or not quite forever, but eighteen months:

The lads are due to announce their plans in the next few weeks — and the tour will be their boldest yet.

The band, who had a 1994 hit with Live Forever, will start their dates in the UK this autumn, head off for more gigs, then return more than 12 months later to wrap things up at home.

Gordon has this from a "source", of course:
"It is on the kind of scale you would expect from THE ROLLING STONES."

Why, yes indeed, it is. The Rolling Stones is the very band which springs to mind.

The source continues:
"The fellas who have hatched the plan are very proud and excited."

We're sure they're excited - all that money, all those zeroes - but "proud"? At coming up with the idea of slogging round stadiums for months, something the source admits the Stones were doing two decades ago? Camp Oasis taking pride at an idea they've ripped off a rock dinosaur act? Hard to imagine, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

"The fellas who have hatched the plan are very proud and excited."

Pssst, Gordon: You're not supposed to mix up your 'quotes from sources' with your Sun dialect. Unless your 'source' really did speak like that, and added that he couldn't hang around chatting because he was late for a romp in his love-nest with a couple of stunnas.

WE ARE said...

Is anyone apart from Gordon Smart actually even remotely interested in this? Have they really still got the clout to sell out Wembley?

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