Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello: Where seldom is heard a discouraging word

You can always rely on Hello to put on a brave face. Presumably delighted that Peaches and whatwashisname didn't flog the shaky pictures of their wedding to Okay, Hello! is delighted to report the news:

Peaches ties the knot in Vegas after whirlwind romance with US rocker

"Whirlwind romance" being Helloese for "two bottles of peach schnapps and a game of truth or dare", of course.
Their nuptials took place at the Little White Wedding Chapel, a popular site for celebrity marriages. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore exchanged their vows there, while Britney Spears and Joan Collins also chose the world-famous venue for their wedding.

Hello don't, of course, bother to mention that Britney "chose" the venue in the sense of "it was the only place open at the time, being as she was off her cakes", nor that the wedding itself was annulled in less time than Peaches' engagement.