Monday, August 11, 2008

NME surprised to find Joe Lean album online

With an air of bewildered surprise, reports that the cancelled Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong album has "found its way" onto file-sharing sites.

Commenters on our post about the cancellation had pointed out that it was in the wild before the record company had decided it wasn't good enough.


Anonymous said...

no, that was a six track sampler. this is the full thing. im surprised you didnt know that already shb!

Anonymous said...

This article pretty much sums up what the NME has become. It now thinks so little of its readers that it suggests they will be utterly surprised that record companies send out promos (including the one they reviewed) and that they will believe the appearance online is absolutely inexplicable - as if it just magically appeared in a puff of smoke! To myself, it seems remarkably close to stating that one can hear the band because they use "microphones". Then again this is pretty obvious from the fact that the website does now put the supposedly important words, like "rapidshare" and "", in bold so you can just scan down and get the gist of the trashy article.

Anonymous said... is loads different from the magazine version of the news though, which is more researched and exclusive. essentially acts as a cross between a 'music wire service' and something like ananova - either breaking new news stories or collecting the most interesting stuff from around the web that readers may not be aware of (as in this case) - and then reporting it in the simplest form.

i dont really see a problem with that to be honest. it serves a purpose, and i'd rather it was there than not

Anonymous said...

You can also buy the album at record exchanges across the country and listen to it on your own stereo, if you have nothing better to do with £4.

Yeah, apparently music journalists flog review copies of substandard albums as well as putting them online.

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