Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The original plan fell through when the pig dirigibles couldn't carry the weight of the cabins

Cruises. They're great, aren't they? Being trapped on a floating hulk of metal; having to dress up for the captain's table; Looooooveee... eeexciiiting aaand newwwww..... You know the only thing that could make cruises even better?

If they were prog rock themed.

Now, though, comes the great gig in the sea:

This one-of a kind voyage will feature the music of Think Floyd USA: The American Pink Floyd Show, and will celebrate material from Pink Floyd’s earliest days through the present. Think Floyd USA will take listeners on a musical and visual flight through the Pink Floyd galaxy performing all of Pink Floyd’s classic hits from legendary albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and the all time classic, The Wall.

Oh, we can see it now: Hey! Purser! Leave those ships alone!

The organisers proudly insist this is the "first Pink Floyd themed cruise to the Bahamas", as if to leave open the possibility that there might, perhaps, be some boats crossing the Med with Radio KAOS pumping across the dancefloor.

The really wealthy, of course, go on yacht-rock-themed yacht trips.