Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Diddy's plane lies

You'll recall P Diddy's complaints about the high cost of air fuel from last week, of course. The poor thing couldn't afford to fly his private jet, he complained.

Thye Palm Beach Post, though, has been doing some digging and reckons that it's found the cost of aviation fuel shouldn't be a problem for Diddy at all: he doesn't own a jet:

One private aviation source scoffed: “It’s my jet this, my jet that. I have list of every plane with the name of the owner, and he’s not on it.”

Further evidence he was making it up? He hasn't got a clue what planes cost, either:
The private aviation spy said Diddy’s math is off. Flying back and forth to the Left Coast twice would set him back $100,000, even with pricey fuel.

“The truly rich aren’t affected by oil when it comes to private planes,” said the private aviation source in Palm Beach. “Monthly payments on a $20 million-plane and crews are expensive.”

What makes this even more embarrassing for Diddy is that he took MTV off to a hanger to see a jet which he appears to have told them he owned.

His people try and explain how he might have got confused and suddenly started talking about owning a plane when he doesn't:
The hip-hopper’s publicist in New York said Combs, 38, swears Combs is the fractional owner of a NetJets plane.

That company sells flight hours on private jets and calls it “fractional ownership.”

I suppose if you had a timeshare in Spain, you might start to get confused and assume you had some sort of presidential status in Madrid.