Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marillion to give away their new album

Marillion have decided that the market value of the digital version of their next album is one email address. They're going to be releasing Happiness Is The Road for free onto the torrents; first play of the official tracks will generate a pop-up box into which you stick your email address, which will then be collected by the band.

The thinking is that most people who like Marillion would rather pay for the finished CD and live in anonymity than to let the band know who they are. Or something.


Anonymous said...

The torrents contain DRM-infected wma files, which will ONLY play in Media Player 11.
When you play each file for the first time, you are directed to Marillion's website, where you are subjected to a jolly video clip from the band and asked to enter your email address. This allows you to download a 128 bps mp3 file for free.
Alternatively, there is a web address (listed on P****e B*y) where you can download the whole album as mp3s for free, subject to a 60p handling charge (plus other 'admin charge's dependent on the type of card you use to pay.
Couldn't be simpler, really.
(oh, and WMP11 sets itself up as default player for all media types, regardless of what you tell it during setup)
Watch out Radiohead / Nine Inch Nails, Marillion is the future! (or maybe not).

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