Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feist: gigs a bit like harvest festival

Oh, we loved harvest festivals - carrying a tin of food to school to be placed, solemnly, in front of the stage, a couple of verses of We Plough The Fields And Scatter before the whole lot gets swept up into a box and distributed to the needy. Of course, our Grandma got given a box of groceries once - from another school - and was absolutely livid. At the suggestion she might have been financially struggling, but also at the brands that had been chosen for her.

Anyway, Feist is reviving the harvest festival model for her forthcoming Canadian tour, but the recipients of the gifts will be better chosen than my grandma. And there won't be We Plough The Fields And Scatter, either. Instead, attendees are being invited to bring donations for the Canadian Association of Food Banks; one lucky donor will get a bunch of special stuff in return but everyone gets to help a little. It might not be as flashy as Bono hanging out with Presidents, but it's nice to feel there's something we all can do.