Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Topless tales

We all know how much Gordon Smart loves it when he gets photos of topless young celebrities arriving on his desk. This morning, he gets something especially juicy:

ALL those glasses of wheatgrass juice appear to be paying dividends for CHRIS MARTIN.

The COLDPLAY frontman, who sticks to a strict macrobiotic diet, whipped off his top at their show in Bologna, Italy, and displayed an impressive torso.

We can only assume that someone was so overcome by the sight of Martin's nipples when they came up with the headline:
Feeling Cold are you, Chris?

Admittedly, he is in a band called Coldplay. But who takes their tops off because they feel cold?

Maybe Gordon has looked closely at Chris' nipples to see if they're showing signs of turning into hard little marbles - perhaps the headline only makes sense if you really bury your head in the photo.