Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hüsker Dü weekend: Eight Miles High

Everything comes to an end, and so we must ring down the curtain on our Hüsker Dü weekend. To wind up, a cover version, from the 1987 Pink Pop Festival - the band take their crack at Eight Miles High:

[Part of the Hüsker Dü weekend]


Olive said...

Also on You Tube is the band's appearance on the Joan Rivers show. It's especially worth watching for the interview, where Joan appears to accuse the band f selling out!

PeterDee said...

I have a feeling that somewhere I have eight miles high coupled with a blistering version of ticket to ride. (I dont like to use the word blistering as no blisters are evident but I have a limited vocabulary and can only use descriptive words purloined from

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

@Peter D
Did they do this as part of a Peel session? I've vague memories of hearing something like that on Radio One...

Olive said...

@peterd: 'blistering' is a good one, although my favourite was 'coruscating', which I actually had to go and look up.

@simon Maybe. It was certainly a track on an EP that came free with the NME in (I think) 1986. There's also a knockabout version of Donovan's Sunshine Superman that's worth a listen.

PeterDee said...

I really am unsure where I have it, I think perhaps an NME disc may be right, but I recall it was fantastic, as covers go one of the best.

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