Friday, September 19, 2008

Live Music Awards: Prepare to be surprised; shocked, even

By one of those absolutely amazing coincidences that you could almost imagine proves an unseen hand shapes everything that happens in the universe, Primal Scream were the biggest winners at the Vodafone Live Music Awards last night - the very same event they'd been booked to provide a three-song closing performance for. The Primals picked up Best Live Act - yes, really - and outstanding contribution.

The Ting Tings - who entertained the crowd - won the breakthrough award; and even Emma Bunton admitted she was surprised the Spice Girls had beaten Led Zep to the comeback prize - how fortunate none of the Zep were there to see her pick up the award; that could have been awkward.

As seems to be the case with most of the b-list awards ceremonies, nobody has bothered to update the official website with a full list of winners - indeed, the site this morning claims they're still going to announce the bands who will be playing last night "soon", which suggests even the organisers don't really take it seriously. If I were Vodafone, I'd be wondering if it was worth sponsoring an event that can't even be arsed to update the site properly.


Anonymous said...

It's non-events like this that show just how powerful a sponsor can be. I can't imagine why this would otherwise be covered by anyone at all, let alone the BBC. No history, no significance, a series of pointless awards all for exactly the same thing and to top it all off the most blatant, for want of a better word, "fixing" of awards around. No updates to the website, you say? It's like Vodafone get the advertising, a couple of insignificant articles further advertising them and a tv programme and then just move on. I suppose it's not the winning that counts, it's the making money for a large phone company. I can't help but suspect that nobody involved actually gives a toss about the "awards".

I think I'd be embarrassed to win one of them or even have my name associated with such an event. Oh... the winners have no shame, you say... oh... now I see.

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