Sunday, September 28, 2008

Managerobit: Bryan Morrison

In something of a grim week for Pink Floyd, their former manager Bryan Morrison has died after two years in a coma.

Morrison had been manager of The Pretty Things when he started promoting Pink Floyd gigs; he later became their manager before moving into music publishing. More recently - and despite originally believing it to be "a game for stupid bastards" Morrison had brought his skills to reinvigorate polo. His aim, he explained to Marq magazine, was to try and bring the spirit of football on Hackney Marshes to the horseback game.

In that Marq interview, he stressed that polo wasn't as genteel as some might believe:

‘I’d always been into fast cars and would have seen polo as too soft to bother with,’ says Morrison. ‘But actually polo’s as tough as it gets. In fact it’s damn near killed me on three occasions.’

The words proved to be prophetic - it was during a polo match that he sustained the injuries which would lead to the coma. Weakened during his two years, Morrison had become increasingly incapable of fighting infections and, it's believed, this is what finally claimed the life of the 66 year-old.