Sunday, September 07, 2008

The News of the World still doesn't much like Heather Mills

Today - when the rest of the world has started to forget and move on - the News of the World returns to battering Heather Mills.

Her former PR person, Michele Elyzabeth, has decided to go public with - well, you can guess, can't you? Heather is mean, Heather lies, Heather wanted to destory Paul - pretty much the same story that the News of the World runs every few months.

What's different this time, of course, is that Elyzabeth was the woman who used to push Mills' view of the world. Now, though, she's decided to go public with all her misgivings about Mills.

Elyzabeth, surely, should have known all this about Mills years before she went on American TV as part of the alleged plot to "bring down" Paul - after all, for two years she worked on PR for Mills for free as she'd been told Heather had no cash to pay her, only to discover her springing fifteen grand for a trip somewhere:

“I tackled her about it and she agreed to pay me £2,500 per month plus expenses. Heather had lied to me, but I was happy just to get money."

The phrase 'happy just to get money' might lay, we suspect, at the heart of much of this story. Elyzabeth suggests that Mills is the tightest person she knows, but she seems equally aware of the flow of cash:
“She had a credit card, but it must have had cobwebs on it. She once told me it was simply a little gesture from Paul for friends’ lunches. Well I was her friend, and she rarely paid for me.

“She must have bought about six lunches in total out of the dozens we had—and they were always the cheap ones.

“Even when we met at her house for an important business lunch, we’d just be given a sandwich."

The motivation for talking to the paper? Well, yes, that again seems to be because expected monies were not shared after the divorce:
“In the early days I introduced her to my hairdresser David Paul to do her hair as a favour. But Heather just rocked up to his salon every two days when she was in Los Angeles.

“This went on for three years and not once did she offer to pay. David guessed, like the rest of us, that once the divorce was finalised we’d be repaid. But it never happened."

So, Elyzabeth was working on the assumption that when the divorce was finalised, Heather would get loads of cash, which she would then get a slice of. It makes her claims that she was acting in good faith when she joined Mills' alleged plots to smear McCartney seem a little wobbly - can you really be acting purely in good faith when you know the person you're working with has lied and cheated you in the past, and you think it's going to lead to a payday?

Again, it's another nasty little story which leaves nobody coming out of it - Mills, Elyzabeth, the paper - looking good.