Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rav can no longer be arsed as minions file Oasis stories

He's not finished up yet, but clearly Rav Singh has taken off his hat - two of the top four stories on his kind-of blog aren't even by him today.

He - or rather someone else - has got an "exclusive" new video of the moment Noel Gallagher reaped what he's been sowing all these years. The video doesn't really add much to the story, and nor does the Rav-lite Guy Basnett commentary. The video, we're told is "shocking" - although since we've all seen Noel going over, it's not that shocking:

THE News of the World today reveals unseen video footage of the moment a crazed drunk stormed the stage at an Oasis gig – attacking Noel and lunging for Liam.

A crazed drunk, huh? Not just a drunk, then?
Our exclusive footage – shot from the side of the stage – shows the full violent attack, and chaotic aftermath, as security desperately tried to restrain the attacker.

Again, while Noel should be allowed to ply his limited trade unmolested, the attack wasn't actually "violent". Painful, undeniably. Stupid, certainly. But "violent"?

And four security guys on one drunk? That's hardly "desperately struggling", is it?

Still, if Basnett is reporting on a serious violent assault, you'd expect him to cut the lame gags, wouldn't you?
And it shows the assailant being bundled roughly off stage by at least four burly officials, who perhaps did look back in anger, as they struggle to subdue him.

Or maybe not, then.

Basnett also gives the impression he's spoken to Noel about the assault, by virtue of quoting Gallagher's blog without actually bothering to source where the quote came from.


Chris Brown said...

This doesn't really have much to do with the story, but I've just heard an advert on the radio for today's "Credit-crunch-busting News Of The World" which contained the phrase "Dannii Minogue exclusively reveals her new man", all delivered in the sort of Mockney voice I do when I'm making fun of the tabloids. It took me quite a while to realise this wasn't a joke...

Anonymous said...

'Credit Crunch' seems to be the new marketing buzz-phrase, doesn't it? I received a spam email the other day telling me I could 'Beat the Credit Crunch: Save 45% on Home Improvement software'.

Should I forward it on to Alistair Darling? He may not realise it was that straightforward.

Anonymous said...

I was totally bowled over by the NOTW story today that even the homeless were being hit by the credit crunch.. like, wha??
it was the 'even' that got me..
and the headline.. POOR BEGGARS..

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one confused by the recent rise in the buzzwordisation of the word "credit crunch". I saw some website (i think it was or something like that) the other day saying that you could beat the "credit crunch" by spending your money on their dvds or cds. Yes because buying a copy of Now 431 will solve all your financial difficulties. Then again since it seems to be getting used as an excuse by some failing companies for shoddy business practices, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

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