Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rav's dwindling days given a boost

Ah, the worries about Rav Singh's apparent vanishing from the News of the World's website navigation can be calmed; this week, they've given him a giant clickable box right on the front page, leading to exciting news that you won't read anywhere else like, erm, Eminem making a new album.

To be fair to Rav, though, he does come up with a fresh new angle for the comeback story:

The 8 Mile actor has teamed up with fellow hip hop rhymesayer 50 CENT in the studio. I’m told the pair have been spending hour upon hour at the mixing desk in Em’s Detroit home perfecting one of the biggest comebacks since the SPICE GIRLS.

Early drafts of that paragraph ended with the words "since the Wispa bar" and "since they revived Crossroads".